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...Santos Family

...Kierstin Kimbell

...Vanessa Roccella

"We’ve been very happy with your TKD program. We love that it teaches and instills physical skills/ coordination as well as mental skills such as discipline and respect.(which is so needed in todays society) Presley has displayed an increased improvement in physical coordination, focusing and memorization, and discipline skills, as well as an improvement in his confidence level. Rebecca, who has only been in the program for 3 months but has been intensely observing her brother practicing TKD ½ her life, has already been demonstrating an improvement in her coordination skills and her level of confidence. We certainly appreciate the beneficial and positive effects that your program has had on our children. The teaching staff, the curriculum, and the structure of your classes are superb and the children respond so positively to them."

...Ivy Greeenwood

"Our daughter has acquired great passion and interest for both art and form of TKD…and at this school is where it all began. The structure and quality of teaching benefits every factor of focus, retention and attention to detail which we recognized almost immediately in Shannie. Trust us….if she’s sharp now…she’ll be even greater. So long as persistence, perseverance, support and encouragement from us parents and instructors continues. Thank you Mr. Espinosa, for your continued support and belief in Shannie’s talents. Her efforts combined with your and all the students will definitely “Create Tomorrow’s Leaders"

...Alan and Hennie Pico

"Mr. Espinosa is the BEST, Mr. E is Awesome! He had taught me everything. I am so thankful to all my instructors for helping me earn my Black belt. I would not have done it w/out them."

...Zachary Johnson

"I will always remember the hard work I did to get my BB. The long hours of training, practicing my form every night for my parents, jogging 4 laps around my cul-d—sac everyday after class so I don’t get tired in the wall. After achieveing my black bet, I plan to ontinue on. My Parents say” AVA, you never complain” The reason I don’t is because I like tae kwon do. It keeps me healthy. My parents are very pround of me and that makes me feel good."

...Ava Kirchman

"Jaiden has become much more self-assured since he was first a Tiny Tiger. He loves to work out his energy in class, especially when learning new weapons techniques. He is still work on his listening skills to be a “first time listener”, but we have seen progress there as well. He is so excited to have earned his Black Belt now he talks about "teaching" the new tiny tigers so they an one day become Black belts too! "

...Jaiden Gershin